Raising Money for the Tom Baker Memorial Talent Showcase for Charity

This past Monday (July 31) we attended the Dr. Tom Baker Memorial Talent Showcase for Charity. We are happy to say the event was a success. There were 3 categories: Spoken Word, Comedy and Music. There a total of 19 contestants and they were all absolutely fantastic.  The event also had some professional and local celebrity judges for each category (whom we’d like to send a big thanks to). These judges were: Jeff Tobe, Mike Rethage, Aaron Klieber, Sean Collier, Kelly Kochamba and Kraig Mahokus

The first category was Spoken word, which was hosted by Tom Baker. There were a total of 7 speakers that talked about various topics. This went really well, and had the audience’s attention with a variety of topics from Punching Horses to Fear to Money! Congrats to winners of this category: Julie Ann Sullivan (Judges Choice) and Scott Turransky (People’s Choice).

Second on the list was Comedy, which was hosted by yours truly. The show had 7 great Comedians that delivered 5 minutes of their best material. This went really well, as all the Comedians had great tight sets that had the crowd rolling in laughter! This was a great showcase of the comedic talent you can see around the city at various open mics and shows. Congrats to the winners of this category: Tim Ross (Judges Choice) and Zach Funk & Alex Stypula (People’s Choice).

The final category was Music, which was hosted Mike Rethage. This category had 4 very talented musical acts, including a good friend & client of ours Derek Krystek. He’s runs a web music series called Take Away Tuesdays (which we create a logo for), produces his own solo music and is the drummer of SleepyV. He sang an original song called Space Dust, about our friend Bobby who passed away a little over 2 years ago. The song was amazing and hit home for me! The other performers were fantastic as well, playing covers, mash ups and some original tunes. Congrats to winners of this category: Kat Ammon (Judges Choice) and Lindsay Mikash (People’s Choice).

This was an incredible honor to be a part of and a big thanks to everyone who came out and participated!