Alycia Bittner & Jamil Afza


When we met: We began talking to Alycia Bittner & Jamil Afza in February of 2011 via email in regard to their Wedding Invitations. We spoke via email because they live in Houston, but the wedding is in Pittsburgh. After a month of correspondences, we worked with Alycia & Jamil to perfect the content and the theme of the invitations. Our task was to show the coming of two cultures together. Alycia is a Pittsburgh native, and as so Jamil is too, his family is from Bangladesh. The theme the couple showcased was “Pittsburgh meets Bangladesh”.

The Invites: After our research on both Pittsburgh and Bangladeshi culture, we decided that one of the most recognizable elements of both cultures in the architecture. We combined the various elements of one of the bridges in Pittsburgh & ornamental features from the temples and structures in Bangladesh & integrate them into each other. With this we also used a script font for the title of the invites, a more delicate font to convey the rest of the information.