Brunner Appliance Repair


When we met: We met Al Brunner, the owner of Brunner Appliance Repair, back in August. We knew that they were a family run business and that Al had been in the business and part of the industry for over 30 years. They initially wanted to send out a flyer to the Kings Grant Apartments for a Fall Special. In previous years, they have sent out postcards for this special, but since this was for a specific apartment complex a flyer was more effective. The flyer would also be photo copied several times & given out to the tenants as well. With these things in mind we decided that this would be a perfect time for them to have a new logo & to re-brand this business.

The Logo:The concept for the logo was based on the family perspective of the business and bold, hands-on approach of the industry. We wanted to show that this was not a clean and cozy industry. In order to show these themes, we decided use the icon of a hand holding a wrench and distressed it just a bit. The wrench is one of the staple tools of the trade and the orientation of the hand shows the bold and aggressive nature of the industry. The logo has a black & white version and a full color version.

Logo-Black&White Version Logo-Full Color Version

The flyer: The challenge with the flyer that it had to simple enough to be photo copied, but dynamic enough to be see by the tenants. With the content provided to us by Al, we decide to continue using icons of industry, which proved to a bold and recognizable feature of the flyer that would catch your eye. We chose the icon of the thermostat since it was the fall and the temperatures would be changing, but also because it is the boldest and most recognized product of the industry. We also categorized certain services offered to help the tenants easily view the types and variety of services offered.

The Response: Al had good things to say about both the flyer & the logo we created! We kept in touch to find out what the response of the flyer and it was positive, the simplistic, bold and in your face look of both the logo and the flyer brought more attention to the business for their services.

Continued Services: Al and Brunner Appliance Repair came back to us for more services in May 2011. We provided Al with a brand new website for Brunner Appliance Repair. Initially Al wanted to have something to send his existing and new customers to. So we created them a proxy site, using a template. We worked with Al to created content and select imagery from his vendors. With this site set up we began our process to create the Brunner Appliance Repair website.

The website: With the content and imagery selected we were part of the way there to create an updated website that would continue the look and feel of the Brand we had already created & established for them. We created a simple navigation that was anchored to the bold logo. With this we used original photography specific for Brunner Appliance Repair, and used a ribbon-esque wrap around the image to emphasize a trait of the business. The content area was set up in a 3-column layout in order to create a easy and clear way to show case information, products, photography and links. To add a little more embellishment to the site we decided that one of the important features of Brunner Appliance Repair the years they have been service the Greater Pittsburgh Area. For this we created a specialized callout that stays consistent within each page. The colors we chose resonated the bold nature of the business with the rustic red, and added energy and vibrancy with the yellow. Click HERE to see the fully functioning site.

Much like last fall (August 2010), the Brunners are ran their Fall Special from Ocotober 3rd, to November of 2011. This special includes a full check of your furnace to prep it for the winter. Usually Al will send out flyers or postcards to all his customers to remind them to get their furnaces checked. Along with the Print campaign, this Special is featured on their website, which you can click above. We choose to feature it in the home page, and correspond it with their flyer campaign from last year. The home page calls it out as the first thing you see and prompts you to read it first. Check out the the website advert below!

October, 2011 October 2011


In Winter of 2012, we created a featured product page that focused on the most popular product. You can see all the updates and featured products HERE.

Monthly Web Specials: Since the Fall Special in October 2011,  Al has been putting up monthly specials for Brunner Appliance Repair. Each of these specials either highlights a product or provides a discount for Al’s Customers. For these specials we used a variety of photographs and illustrations and used a corresponding ribbon wrap at the top to denote each special. Check them out below see the various specials in 2012.

Spring Special: Every year, the Brunners run 2 big specials. We had a pleasure of working on Al’s Fall Special over the last two years and this we had the pleasure of working on their Spring Special. We wanted to keep certain things consistent, such as the color of the postcard from previous years. We kept the base of the card yellow and the content the same as the years before with some minor tweaks Al had made. We decided to add an illustration of an Air Conditioner with a plus and wrenches to represent fixing and servicing Air Conditioners. The illustration is a clean & bold and fits with the brand of Brunner Appliance Repair.

Business Card: We also updated Al’s business cards. We wanted to keep the card similar to what he’s had to keep things consistent. We added the Brunner Appliance Repair logo and the callout with the foil stamp bars. We also updated the typography to match the bold and heavy aesthetic of the brand.

Fall Special 2012: For this year’s Fall Special we utilized similar branding and aesthetics from the prior Spring Special from earlier in 2012. We used the wrenches and medical plus symbol to showcase the Fall Safety Check along with the yellow postcard, and we corresponded this with the website promotions and their social media.

Sticker: We also created stickers for Al to put on the products and units he installs to further market Brunner Appliance Repair. We used a texture that was bold and abrasive, and mixed with the color schemes we used the website to help the sticker stand out on the variety of units Al installs all through out the Pittsburgh area.

Brunner Appliance Repair Stickers


Invoice: We recreated Invoices for Brunner Appliance Repair for Al. We added the now established brand to an essential part of his business. We kept the conservative layout and added his logo and the callout making this a part of the known Brunner Appliance Repair brand.