Carrie Brunner, Registered Nurse


When we met: We met with Carrie Brunner in August of 2011 to solve the issue with her resume. At the time her resume was a standard Microsoft word document, but needed a something to bring her qualifications and unique outlook to life. As a registered nurse, currently employed under UPMC, she wanted to emphasize her nursing philosophies through her resume. Her philosophy of nursing is to provide her patients and their loved ones the best quality of patient care they can receive in order to achieve the best outcomes for her patients. Along with this she believes in acting as an advocate for her patients and their loved, providing them answers to questions they maybe to timid to ask their doctors. She also has a great desire to grow and learn more about herself, her skills and her patients more and more everyday. She is a hard working nurse interested in pursuing a career in Pediatrics.

 The Logo: We wanted to illustrate Carrie’s belief in quality patient care along with her desire to grown and learn in her logo. To convey this we chose to use the icon of a heart anchored to the feminine but bold typeface. The petals embody her nurturing attitude and her desire to grow and learn more and more everyday. The logo was also translated into a gray scale version.
Logo Full Color                 Logo in Black & White

The Resume: We decided to organize the information into 4 categories: goals, accomplishments, philosophies and work history. We organized the information by anchoring the title of the category to the left and displaying the descriptions to the right. Along with this to emphasize her logo, and her philosophies, we placed the petals growing from the bottom of the resume. Once again to reiterate her desire to grow and learn as nurse, as well as embody her philosophy of quality patient care to achieve the best outcomes for her patients and to act as an advocate for her patients.