Chartiers Valley Chorus Parents Association (CVCPA)


When we met: We met with Melanie Brunner of the Chartiers Valley Chorus Parents Association (CVCPA) in September of 2011. The CVCPA was looking for a order form and menu for their annual Hoagie Fundraiser. This was primarily for the parents of the students that attended Chartiers Valley, but also the students. The fundraisers is meant to help raise money each Chorus student to put into their trip to Cleveland as well as any other events the CVCPA has planned. Our task was to come up with an eye-catching, dynamic yet organized Menu & Order Form for the Hoagie Fundraiser that would ease the process for both the parent as well as the treasurer of the CVCPA. This was also meant to photocopied.

The Menu & Order Form: In order to achieve an eye-catching yet organized Menu & Order Form, we decided to spilt this up into 2 pages. The first page to showcase the hoagies, with a description and price, and the second page, which provided directions, dates and the order form. We wanted the whole thing to look similar to a retro sub shop, much like a mom & pop joint. We used retro attributes while modernizing the 2 pages utilizing contemporary typeface. This helped created a nostalgic feel, and connecting with parents and students. Since this was to be photocopied, we stuck with Black, White and tonal colors. We also decided add clean illustrations to that corresponded to each Hoagie. We resonated these attributes into the Order Form page where we created a table to provide information as well as how may subs you want and a total.