Comedian & Writer, Ron Placone


When we met: We met Ron Placone way back in August of 2011 at Papa J’s, regarding the start of his One Man Show, Madness in the Message. Ron is an established, touring Comedian that started out in Seattle and moved back into Pittsburgh to continue his Comedy career as well as return to school for his Masters. During his final year of schooling, Ron also began working on his One Man Show, Madness in the Message. This show will focus on Media criticism using humor, sketches, music and activism. Ron met with us again in February for the official start of this project, which included a rebrand of his Comedy, One Man Show & Audio Segment, as well as printed collateral and Website Design.

Logo: We wanted the logo to express not only the contents of Ron’s comedy, also the engaging and critical topics of his Audio Segment and One Man show. Since we wanted to emphasize Ron’s words and thoughts, we used a distressed Callout to showcase the topics of all 3 of his ventures. We used a hand rendered execution to create this unique shape that resonated Ron’s personality and comedic voice. We then carried the brand through into “Madness in the Message” as well as “Thoughts, Rants & Cold Coffee”.


Handbills & Posters: We also created handbills for Ron to place into various establishments to promote the show. We used an illustration of the Ron to create a lighter atmosphere around the heavier topic of Media Criticism and to tie in the Callout of his brand. We also used clean and crisp icons in the background to connect the theme of the show in a more serious manner.

For the launch poster we wanted to call attention to it a little more. We decided to use a vibrant yellow background to bring the poster to forefront of any environment as well as stenciled style of illustration that focused on the take of media. This related back to the nature of Madness in the Message and conveyed the message and atmosphere of the show.

Website: We also recently relaunched Ron’s website, that featured information about Ron, Madness in the Message, his featured writings, bookings and Thoughts Rants and Cold Coffee.  We used photography of Ron that showcased his personality, and used the background of on the handbills to correspond the site back to the Handbills. We used black & white imagery to show Ron’s voice carries gravity in his material and writings. We utilized the side bars to showcase new episodes of Thoughts, Rants & Cold Coffee and new videos from Ron. Check out explore the website HERE.

*Big thanks to Alex Lang of J. Alex Lang productions for helping us out with the website.

Apparel: We also created simple and branded shirts for Ron Placone. The first shirt features the Madness in the Message Logo and the website to promote the show. The second shirt features Ron’s tagline “I struggle” written in a scribbled writing, to emphasize the nature of his material and writings.

Posters for Lee Camp with Ron Placone: On February 1, 2013, New York Comedian, Activist and Writer, Lee Camp will be in Pittsburgh for One Night Only with Ron Placone at Hambones, hosted by Krish Mohan.

We decided to show the poster as a vintage style newspaper to show the stark and bold aesthetic that matches the style of the Comedians on the show, primarily Lee Camp & Ron Placone. We focused on featuring Lee and his credits, accented with rules to segment the information.

Conference Flyer: For the flyers to be handed out at various Conferences throughout the year for Madness in the Message. Since this was to be a quick attention grabber that provided information about the show, we decided to use a stenciled graffiti aesthetic. This gave the flyer a simplistic look & feel while convey the message about the show.

MediaBytes-The Madness in the Message Radio Hour: We created a logo for the MediaBytes: The Madness in the Message Radio Hour, which is an hourly Radio show, that is played every Sunday at 1pm EST (12pm CST) on Radio Free Nashville 107.1FM. MediaBytes dissects what’s passed off as news by the mainstream media with sardonic glee and takes a hard look into issues of media reform and activism. We created a brand is dynamic and energetic, and creating Web banners that corresponded back to the print campaign of Madness in the Message from the Summer of 2012. Missed it live? Check it out HERE.

Media Bytes: The Madness in the Message Radio Hour MediaBytes-2Color MediaBytes-3Color MediaBytes-Red