Gilda Club of Western PA


When we met: After creating the flyer and print campaign for the 2012 Gilda’s Great Comic Search Campaign, Colleen Dwyer of the Gilda Club of Western PA asked us to work on an update to their T-Shirt design for the 2012 Marathon team. They have had a design for the shirt for quiet sometime and wanted to update the look and feel of the shirt. We also did not want to alienate any walks of the Race as well, so we came up with the Tag “Race for a Reason” which encapsulates, runners and walkers alike of the Marathon.

 The T-Shirt: We wanted to utilize the illustration created around the brand of the Gilda Club of Western PA and create something that involved both the runners and walkers of the race and use the tagline “Race for a Reason”. We decided to use shoeprints for that showed the steps the members are taking to move forward in their healing process and fighting to better themselves. We carried the shoeprints from the front of the shirt and utilized on the back with the logo to create a team shirt.

2013 5K Campaign: For 2013 we were asked by Gilda Club to create a cohesive campaign for the 5K. We wanted to use a few elements from last year’s campaign, such as the shoe print. We worked along side with BKommunications to created banners for email headers that would go out to sponsors and key donators. We created a banner style mark that would serve as an emblem for the Gilda Club runners and create a sense of community around the Club.

Gilda Club 5K Campaign Header Gilda Club 5K Campaign Footer


In addition to this we also created runners T-Shirts for the team. We used the banner and shoe print design to continue and enhance the branding for the Gilda Club in the 5K race.