Krish Mohan, Comedian & Writer


When we met: This is a personal client for us, and so we decided to take full interest. We are avid about comedy in the Pittsburgh area and wanted to brand & promote an up & coming comedian in the Pittsburgh area, Krish “Raman Noodles” Mohan. Krish has been doing stand up since he was 15 and has a very quirky and youthful persona & style to his observational material. His nickname “Raman Noodles” plays a big part of in his comedy and the style of jokes. This year he wanted to make a more impactful come back into the Pittsburgh comedy scene and wanted a brand & promotional material to spread the word.

Logo: We decide to focus on Krish’s nickname, and create his stage persona through his brand. We reflected his style through a quirky type solution that reflected his personality and his stage presence. We created the logo as a silhouetted version and a cut out version.

Logo-Side by Side Logo-Stand Alone Version Logo-Cut out Version

Papa J’s Promotion: We created a flyer for a Krish for a show in April at Papa J’s Centro. This was the first show he had done for a while, so we decided to go a brash approach with the tagline of “I’m Back”. We added an illustration of an abstracted noodle bowl (which we decided to carry out as a iconic element throughout the posters & flyers we created) and added the logo we created. This was a bold & in your face style to flyer that would catch the attention of any person(s) passing by a board.

Flyer Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3

Club Café Promotion: This is a show that Krish performs at annually. The show is for the Gilda Club of Western PA and is a competition called “Gilda’s Great Comic Serach”. When Krish performed 2 years ago he won second place at the finals, so in light of that we decided to integrate the Noodle Bowl into a trophy. We also decided that print version of the flyers would be stenciled on to a textured paper to give a more graphic & energetic vibe. We also created a web version the flyer. This year the show was hosted was the DVE Morning Show’s host Randy Baumann, and featured a variety of comics, veterans and few new faces!

Gilda Club Finals at the Improv Promotion: After the Preliminary rounds at the Club Cafe, Krish won an opportunity to perform in the finals of “Gilda’s Great Comic Search”. This performance is at the Improv in Pittsburgh. For this, we are promoting the event most via Social Media and minor Print Initiative. For this flyer we wanted to correspond the initial flyer campaign. We decided the Noodlebowl Trophy was the perfect icon to represent the enthusiasm of the Comedian and we utilized a radial starburst to showcase the energy and excitement of the event. We gave the flyer a warm and inviting color scheme to reflect the nature of the event and the comedian’s attitude towards his audience. The Event is on September 22nd, 2011 and is hosted by last year’s winner Tony Monteleon.

First Appearance on the DVE Morning Show: We wanted to promote Krish’s first appearance on the DVE Morning with Jim Krenn & Randy Baumann. We decided to integrate his brand with iconic radio elements such as the mic and the “on the radio” light.  With the addition of the textured background, it gives the flyer a more rustic, small town feel that both Krish and the radio show represent. This was shared and replastered all across facebook by one of our friends Al Brunner of Brunner Appliance Repair and a few others. Check out his first appearance on the DVE Morning Show with Randy Baumann and Val Porter HERE. Be sure to follow Krish on both facebook & twitter (@ramannoodlespgh).
Live on the DVE Morning Show with Jim Krenn & Randy Baumann Al Brunner's Facebook Share Venkat's Promotion Krish "Raman Noodles" Facebook page

Website Design & Architecture: Krish wanted to use the WordPress format to showcase his upcoming shows, videos and postings for his Comedy, the Noodlebowl Comedy Show and any other projects he is working on. Aside from Stand-Up and running his own room, Krish’s goals are to bring Comedy to forefront of Pittsburgh entertainment scene. In light of that we used the brick texture as a backdrop for the headers and imagery on his website as a urban, propaganda style but also relating back to old school Comedy. This matches Krish’s style of Comedy as well, being for personal jokes based on conversations and stories. We also used quirky photography and a hand-rendered sketchy typeface to give his website a authentic personalized aesthetic.

January Promotions: This January, Krish was featured on 2 very exciting shows! The first being his appearance on Pittsburgh Podcast Haters for Hire with Derek Minto. This was very exciting conversation that ranges from the Origins of the nickname “Raman Noodles”, Comedy, Conan and much much more! The second is his appearance on Pittsburgh Community TV’s show Get Involved! Pittsburgh, being filmed on January 20, 2012. Get Involved is part of the Baker Leadership program, and will feature a number of guests. Krish was also recently at the Pittsburgh Improv and you can catch his set HERE!

Spring 2012 Shows: Recently Krish has been organizing and booking himself on a few shows. From benefits, bar shows to colleges. We helped Krish out with some the promotions to create fun and quirky concpets for each of the shows that had a theme behind them. Check them out below.

Posts: Since the launch of his website, Krish has been writing a few posts about various topics. We provided Krish with a few illustrations to help add to the message that he was conveying with each post. To read the corresponding post, just click the images below.

Homecoming: This is an album released by Krish on April 23rd, 2012. The album was recorded at LaRoche College as a part of the Homecoming Kings of Comedy. We worked on Krish’s album artwork for this Album. We used a quirky photo and reflected the crown on claiming him King as a brash and ironic manner. This album features a 40-minute set, and you can see some preview videos of the show and get the album HERE.

Homecoming Album Cover


Business Cards: We created business cards for Comedian, Krish Mohan that corresponded with his website using the brick wall background, and the hand sketched typography. We also featured his brand, with simple iconography that focused on his writing and comedy. For the back of the card, we added a quirky photo of Krish, and also featured some short lines from his bits from his stand up.

Website Redesign: We redesigned the website for Krish in Winter of 2013. We decided to changed the aesthetic of the website from using the brick wall and a staged photography, to using theater curtains and performance shots. We felt this gave the website a bit more gravity while the hand rendered typeface brings the quirkiness of Krish’s persona into the imagery. Keeping this we also translated this into social media and the newsletters.

Fork Full of Noodles: This is a weekly Video Series and Podcast, created and hosted by Comedian Krish Mohan. The show focuses on current events and social commentary in the United States and around the Globe using Monologues, Characters and Sketches. The show is written by Krish and a few Comedians around the city of Pittsburgh. We created the brand and supporting on screen graphics for the show. We decided to use a more aggressive type mixed with a playful illustration of a brain created by noodle strands. This showcases some of the absurd comedic licenses for the show and the harder content and subject matter of each episode. Be sure to subscribe to the show on Youtube and the Podcast.

Fork Full of Noodles-Logo FFON-Logo & Banner