Passion Performance


When we met: We met with Mike Semplice & Joe DelSardo in late February 2011. Both of them are very passionate about what they do and who they work with. With this they wanted to instill that any person can achieve all their goals, fitness, personal, business or otherwise, through effort, decision-making and competition. This was the tiers of their business they wanted to put forth. Both Mike & Joe were known in the Scott Township & Mount Lebanon area for their sport specific training camps & clinics. With this they wanted to be under the same business and create a organization behind their name. After meeting with Venkat, Mike & Joe began working with us to form a name to their business and their philosophies. With this Passion Performance was brought to life. We provided them with a brand, 2 flyer campaigns & a websites.

The Logo: The logo we created for Passion Performance shows the energy and resonates the idea of movements they use in their camps & clinics. We created an abstract mark that utilized two curves that show the dynamic movements they use. We emphasized the bold nature of the industry by using a typeface that reflected just that. With this in place we used Blues & Grays to create a sense of security and combined it with a yellow & purple to add a notion of vibrancy, dedication and effort. We carried out those schemes into their business cards and reinforced the three tiers of their philosophy: Decision-Making, Effort and Competition. We did this by using original, client specific photography the showcased each of the principles.

Teaser Flyer: While the website was being constructed, Mike, Joe and Venkat decided to create a teaser flyer which would outline a few of the camps, clinics and services offered by Passion Performance. We worked with Mike & Joe to write the copy on the flyer and used the tagline “From the Heart” in 3 variations as a headline to grab the attention of the viewer. We used imagery of different movements by different types of people to show they work with everyone and can help each person maximize their potential.

Website: For the website, we wanted it to be photographically dominant, since so much of what Mike & Joe teach and train are active and in corporate a variety of movements and workouts. For each page or page group, we use a black & white image in the background that reflected what the page/page group was about. We also used a collage of images for the top each page, and used distressed borders to add energy to each page. All the content was written by Mike & Joe, and we worked with them to perfect each page. For each of the Training & Coaching options, we created a sub-brand of using the abstract shapes of the logo to re-emphasize the brand. With the website, we also created a facebook, twitter and blog page for them. *Note: As of February 2012, the Passion Performance website was taken down on behest of the clients*

Website Update: In June 2011 we had  quick update for the Passion Performance website to achieve better brand resonance for the site and corresponding some elements from the Launch campaign. We changed the color of the text to the deep blue to connect with the navigation bar, and added addition photography to integrate the quotes in the Training and coaching pages. Very recently, in September 2011, we executed an updated in the color scheme of the website to create more brand correspondence.

Launch Flyer: For this flyer we wanted to use quotes that Mike & Joe live by. Each of these quotes are 100% from Mike & Joe. We used a black & white image and emphasized the type in the brand colors. Each image corresponds with each quote. This creates a dynamic relationship between the passionate words and the energetic imagery and ties them together.