Sanatana-dharma, Hinduism: A way to Worldwide Peace, Harmony & Prosperity


When we met: We met with Dr. Subba K. Reddy in December 2011, he had initially had a print of his book. His book is about applying ethics and morals in today’s modern day life, from youth, government, technology and more. Dr. Reddy wanted to the book to appeal to the 18-25 demographic as well as the elder Hindus in the community. His goal is to have this book reach out to people and help them ascertain Peace, Harmony & Prosperity in their lives.

The Book: In order for us the gear the book towards the younger crowd we decided to have a bright & vibrant color scheme for the cover. Using the blue as a dominant color helps the image of Sri Venkateswara pop off the page while the bright yellow complements the golds in the image. We also wanted to choose a typeface that was bold but also had a fluidity to it. In the interior of the book we decided to incorporate some simplistic iconography that corresponds to the content of each chapter. We also typeset and laid out the entire book and worked with Hermann Printing to get the book into production. Dr. Reddy has donated the book the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Monroeville. Go down there and get yours