Tamara Graham: Interior Designer


When we met: We met Tamara Graham in September 2010 when she was looking for an updated Resume. With this we were tasked with showing 18 years of Interior Design experience, a long list of clientele and a bubbly personality to put her back into the job market. Along with this we decided to add a character to the resume by giving her a Mark/Logo that represents who she is and what she does.

The Mark/Logo: We created a mark for Tamara that would be reflect what she did and played on her initials. We merged the “T” & “G” to show how to create movement & energy within a space and bring it to life.
Tamara Graham Logo

The Resume: With the mark showcasing the play on a space and movement, we wanted to show the information and Tamara’s experience in a lively manner. By adding color bars to the resume it livens up the resume and calls attention to her personality and experience.

Tamara Graham Resume