The Face Campaign


When we met: We had met with Aimee Arnold & Shannon Barry at the 2011 Gilda’s Great Comic Search and Laughing in the Face of Cancer Event. Both Aimee and Shannon were members at the Gilda Club of Western Pennsylvania and started the Faces Campaign to help raise money for the club. The Campaign was started in 2008 by members of the Gilda Club who had been there and received help and support throughout their Cancer treatment and diagnosis. The campaign is run by members that help raise money for the Club with various events, fundraisers, competitions and more.

In years past, there were 3 events that were the culmination of the Faces Campaign events; The Gilda’s Great Comic Search, Laughing in the Face of Cancer & Radner Radio. These events are run and organized by Aimee Arnold & Shannon Barry, and this year Venkat is helping them with their Promotional Campaign and Pittsburgh Comedian Krish Mohan is helping them with booking Comedians and organizing the events.

Gilda’s Great Comic Search: Gilda’s Great Comic Search is a Comedy Competition that has 3 ‘open mics’ to select and determine 12 of Pittsburgh’s Best Comedians to perform at the Final event, Laughing in the Face of Cancer. Each of the shows will feature 12 Comedians and the judges will select 4 of the top Comedians from each show to move on to the finals. The judges this year are Aimee Arnold, Shannon Barry, Dana Kuskie and 2011’s Winner, Aaron Kleiber. The show will be hosted once again by the WDVE Morning Show’s Randy Baumann.

For the show we wanted to compare this show to Competitions like “Last Comic Standing”. We used elements and icons from famous Comedians and performers such as, Conan O’Brien, Eddie Murphy, Grucho Marx, Gilda Radner, and Richard Pryor and with the tagline “Who will be the Next Great Comic?” Using a bright & vibrant background that accompanies the icons, the flyer stands out and pops off the walls. By equating this Competition to National Competitions and Touring Comedians elevates the level of the Competition to a more professionally run and judged competition.

Laughing in the Face of Cancer: After the Gilda’s Great Comic Search the 13 Comedians that were chosen went on to the Finals in June of 2012. For the flyer campaign we wanted to utilize the appearance of a variety show poster that encapsulated the energy of the show and the performers using simplistic iconography and typography. The show as once again hosted by WDVE’s Randy Baumann and judged by WPXI’s Alby Oxenriter, 96.1 Freak Show’s Mikey and KDKA’s Susan Kommen. The show was held at Diesel and raised over $3000.