The Rookie-Cabernet Sauvignon


 When we met: This project was initially brought to our attention by Julia Flaherty in August 2011, who gave a short brief and the contact information to Christian Flaherty, her brother. We contacted Christian in regards to what the parameters of the wine label was and found out that this project had a lot of meaning and personal connections. The wine is a personal & limited run. Christian is an Interior Designer in Los Angeles and had been working a wine with his good friend Jeremy Kremski, who lives in Baltimore. The wine is dedicated and a tribute to their friend Joseph Tobin, who passed away this past January. Here is what Jeremy had to say about this project:

 “So about a year ago I went in on making a barrel of wine with 3 others, it was cool they take you through the whole process from smashing grapes to bottling. After weeks of brain storming with Joe on a name, I got a call at an odd time so I picked it up and all he said was “the rookie”. I knew immediately what he was talking about and that has been the name of this wine since. Christian knew the back story and how we got to the name and came up with the concept to make the label into an old baseball ticket. We also took it as an opportunity to pay homage to our best bud and someone we miss everyday.”

Here is what Christian had to say about this project:

“The idea comes from a friend of Jeremy and mine who passed away in Jan. Joseph was our closest friend. He told Jeremy, when he heard he was making the wine, that it should be called Rookie being that it’s his first time and it was something we used to call each other in various situations. Like we would call each other  “rookie” if we did something stupid or didn’t know what we were talking about ect. Joseph played baseball most of his life and I thought it would lend itself to the design so it went from there. As a tribute to him.”

We were very excited and honored to be a part of this process and to help make their vision come true.

 The Logo: For logo, we kept with the concept of the old time baseball ticket. We use the swoosh of baseball bat movement as well as an classic style font to give resonate a retro look of a baseball team.
The Rookie-Logo

The Label: We continued to utilize the concept of the old time baseball ticket in botht he style of the label as well as the copy, which was provided to us by Christian & Jeremy. Using subtle distresses to give  it a stamped look that emphasizes the concept of the ticket and gives this wine a more exclusive appeal for the limited run of the wine.  We not only designed the label for them but also printed and cut the labels for Jeremy & Christian. The label was well received by all of Joseph’s family, friends and his fans, including Chris Pierce & Shane Alexander. You can become a fan of Joseph’s Music and check out his music HERE.