Yuva India Restaurant


When we met: We met with Navin Kohli in January, 2012 to chat about the branding of his new Restaurant venture, Yuva India Restaurant. Navin’s previous restaurant was Star of India located in Oakland on South Craig St. Navin’s new restaurant venture, Yuva India, is geared towards younger college kids and their families. The change in his brand was not only carried out with the aesthetics of the Logo and the Identity but also in the interior of the restaurant. Navin and Venkat worked together create an authentic brand for Yuva India, including Logos, Business Cards & Lunch Menu.

Logo: We created a logo that was primarily typographic in order to appeal to Navin’s wide target audience. We also created a authentic typeface for the word ‘Yuva’ that had a hand-rendered but contemporary aesthetic. Combined with a clean, crisp and modern typeface the conveys the fresh, energetic and youthful feel.

Yuva India Restaurant Logo 2 Yuva India Restaurant Logo 3 Yuva India Restaurant Logo 5 Yuva India Restaurant Logo 6 Yuva India Restaurant Logo Yuva India Restaurant Logo 4

Business Cards: For the business cards, we created a dynamic typographic pattern with words that resonated the food served at Yuva India. We also utilized an illustration of a 3-wheeler or Auto Rickshaw to additionally convey the feeling of the country and the youthful and energetic vibe.

Lunch Menu: Using the corresponding Auto Rickshaw to callout each of different Lunch specials, as well as a painteresque typeface that corresponds back to the ‘Yuva’ typeface. This creates a an authentic and tactile feel to create a unique experience from Yuva India’s lunch.

Summer ’12 Lunch Menu: Navin contacted us in June of 2012 to update the seasonal Lunch Menus. For this menu there a big feature on spices and the various curry based dishes Yuva India features. In order to showcase the authentic spices, recipes and dishes featured in the Lunch Menu we decided use vivid photos of the spices that showcased the flavor of the dishes. We also used hand rendered, cross hatched typography to showcase the unique and authentic nature of each dish. In the Fall of 2012, we updated Yuva India’s Lunch Menu with a new special as well as a section for Snacks that included in the menu. We utilized a quirky and fun typeface that showcased the fun and youthful vibe of the restaurant.